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When a massive financial collapse ruins the world as we know it, a group of troubled misfits must rise up to become the heroes no one believed they could be. Forced to live in a broken world, through no fault of their own, their generation battles with the aftermath and destruction. This story revolves around a group of orphaned teens who, due to some very dark circumstances, find themselves without parents. In an attempt to help out the less fortunate, gang leaders Duke & Torrance, build a shelter for these teens and in return for said shelter from the streets, they must fight alongside them. By putting their lives, and others, at risk, they can stop the tirade of violence and corruption that has engulfed their city. To do this, they will need to fight fire with fire and make the hard decisions that will haunt them eternally. It’s not until their choices begin to create powerful enemies that their lives start to take a turn for the worse. As old memories surface that they wish to stay forgotten, chaos then ensues and their lives spiral out of control. In a world full of violence and drama, we will devour their secrets, recognise their strengths and empathise with each character. We will discover the truth about who they are and how deep one can dive into the abyss of heroism before they break.