Free Fall Comics is an Australian based, independent comic book company created and owned by LA Keim and Brian Kerr, formerly known as Free Fall Productions Australia.

The new name and branding represent our focus on the comic book industry. We strive to create new, original and compelling stories & characters with real depth. We don’t shy from controversy or pushing the envelope, going where others have feared to go.

In our first 2 graphic novels, we have two very different, strong female protagonists. Neither of these stories were created with a conscious decision to create a female lead, it simply came about as part of the creative process. The characters were born into the stories we created around them.

A big part of this is thanks to the women we grew up with and the incredible actors like Carrie Fisher (Princess/General Leia), Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor), Geena Davis (Samantha Caine), Sigourney Weaver (Ellen Ripley) and more!

Due to our young age, we had no interest (concept) of ‘gender boundaries’ when we fell in love with these characters. This went a long way to normalising heroines for us. These women kicked ass! We didn’t think this was weird or out of the ordinary, there was no reason to us why they wouldn’t.  I guess what we’re trying to say, what we want our readers to know is, we approach writing all our characters the same way, as a character first and as a gender second.

We aren’t just dissatisfied by the generic, cliché “heroes” who currently flood the market, we are downright bored with it. Though this doesn’t mean we write controversy for the sake of it. All our topics serve a purpose for pushing the story forward, to develop character and story. Don’t worry, (it isn’t all serious business) we still like to have a lot of fun with our characters and the situations we place them in. This is after all, fiction, fantasy, escapism for ourselves and the readers.

Moving forward, we have so many amazing and unique stories to share and we need to mention now that yes, our first 3 stories to be released are not intended for a younger audience although we are already working on stories more appropriate for a younger audience too. Brian has two young children and Lucas has nieces and nephews and like so many Parents, Uncles & Aunties out there, we love to share our passion for reading and creating with them.

One of our goals on some of these stories designed for the younger readers is, utilising the world of digital comics and… incorporate a learning/problem solving aspect.  Not only will kids read these amazing stories, they will be a part of the story, they will join the team! Help save the day and, fingers crossed, learn a few things while they’re at it.

Now we come to the part of this story our introduction to you, where we leave you with an invite to join the Free Fall Team! We ask for your support on this journey we have started, we ask YOU to join us as we grow and be a part of something COLOSSAL. With your support, we will reach our full potential as story tellers and as a company. After all…we can not do this without you.

As always,

In print & in colour

Lucas “LA” Keim & Brian “Brizeycon” Kerr