Welcome to the Friends of Free Fall page!

Every one of these names below has contributed to us their time, skills and knowledge of the dark arts!

(FYI, Blood rituals are complicated as f**k!)

Anyhoo, make sure you click all those pretty buttons below each of their names, they’ll take you to magical places where you can find out more about these amazing people & teams we are proud to call our friends.

James Adam Beihl

Artist: Abandon All Hope

Kirsty Swan

Colourist: Abandon All Hope

Samir Simão

Letterer: Roundhouse Hooligans

Meto Petkov

Letterer: Roundhouse Hooligans

Vincenzo Mercogliano

Artist: The Other Side Of Justice

Andrea Vannozzi

Colourist: The Other Side of Justice

Simone Sara Johnson

Professional wrestler, all round amazing human being and the original inspiration for Rachel’s design from Roundhouse Hooligans.

Comic Black Book

Comic Black Book is a comic book website like no other because it’s community driven! Offering blogs, news, reviews, podcasts, YouTube/Twitch channels and a dedicated Discord chat that connects comic fans from around the world. Whether you just discovered comics through SAGA or remember life before Crisis on Infinite Earths, you can contribute and connect with other fans.

Learn more about Comic Black Book and the awesome team behind.

Secret Identity Comics

Secret Identity Comics is a comic book store in the Brisbane CBD with the most diverse range of comics and graphic novels. Our mission is to create a welcoming and safe space for comic book and pop culture enthusiasts of all identities to share in our love of all things fictional.