LA Keim is the former co-owner of Free Fall Productions Australia. He and his former partner originally created this company to make, write and create movies.  After realising the scale of his visions and stories LA realised the best market, the most appropriate medium to see his written words come to life was towards his other passion, comics and graphic novels. He knew that by converting his scripts to comics he would not be held back by limitations and censorship that come with film; not to mention the crazy budget to see his work become a reality.

LA has been a story teller for as long as he can remember. A highly creative and motivated person with a natural talent to inspire those around him. Despite the love he has for writing and creating today, LA actually struggled with reading while at school but found that comics, with the added visual component helped him greatly and opened him to the art of storytelling.

Having firsthand experience with the struggles of reading and knowing children of family and friends who have also embraced reading via comics was just more motivation to create amazing and detailed stories.

LA and his former partner would soon decide to part ways, realising their paths were no longer linked and instead chose to chase their dreams on their own.  Thankfully LA didn’t have to walk his path alone for long. LA would, by chance, cross paths with Brian and together they would create Free Fall Comics!

While the first 3 stories Free Fall Comics created are for a mature audience LA has plans, ideas and stories in place targeted to the younger market. Not just stories, interactive stories that will focus on problem solving adding a new layer and depth to his stories while also providing young kids an alternative to standard learning.

With Brian by his side LA is now more committed and dedicated than ever to bring new ideas, stories and original, unique characters the world hasn’t seen before in comics and put Free Fall Comics on the map alongside the biggest names in comics.

LA never lost his passion for film making, how could he? after all he spent years working and studying film making. He has a goal to one day come full circle and see his creations on the big screen backed by the success of Free Fall Comics.  After all, Free Fall Comics was never intended to be just another comic publisher, but an entertainment empire!

Movie, television, Video games…The sky is the limit for FREE FALL and LA has no intention of slowing down until he sees his dream come to fruition, become a reality.

He is altruistic by nature and talks often of wanting to run workshops for kids, showing them, there is an alternative, you can have a dream and chase it. He isn’t only focused on his own success, he wants others to reach their potential.

Where Free Fall Comics is now, how far it has come already is a direct result of LA’s enthusiasm.

As LA says, this is just the beginning man! Just you wait and see where we can take this!


Brian first met LA by chance when he was selling comics at a local market stall. The two immediately hit it off straight away with a shared interest in, surprise surprise…COMICS! Specifically, indie comics and the less mainstream (which he still loves btw). At this point in time LA had already begun creating Abandon All Hope. After several more weekly market stall chats sharing and discussing their favourite comics, movies and TV shows they would eventually start catching up more regularly.

LA was drawn to Brian’s passion for art and his honest critique (no one like a yes man). It was because of this that Lucas started to share some of his scripts to read and give some honest feedback on.  Critiques and feedback soon turned to more substantial idea and suggestions.

One night LA turned up as usual to Brian’s house with a script he had worked on a few years prior. It had always been a favourite of his and he thought it had some real potential. This would be a defining moment for Brian and LA. Brian devoured that script over and over.  It became a bit of an obsession because, as it turns out, Brian had certain…life experience which lent itself to some of the characters and just like that, ideas on these characters and new possible story arcs began to consume him.  Lucas saw this, he recognized it, Brian had caught writers fever! At their next meeting he asked Brian if he would like to come on as a co-writer. Obviously, the answer was a resounding YES!

The next 12 months would fly by!

The writing sessions became more regular and longer, it was nothing to sit outside and write until the sun rose.  And soon, that script LA would share with Brian on that fateful night would turn into a full blown graphic novel…The Other Side of Justice.

While The Other Side of Justice was being re-born LA was still working on Abandon All Hope, putting on the final touches while also starting a new and exciting project…Roundhouse Hooligans!

During this period, what was then known as Free Fall Productions Australia (what a mouthful) would become Free Fall Comics. Free Fall Comics went under a rebranding and Brian came on as co-owner.

That’s brings us to here, right now, a father of 2, still writing, still juggling full-time work, trying to squeeze every spare minute out of the day as he chases that dream, to write and create full-time, give up that “day job” and work towards making sure Free Fall Comics continues to grow to its full potential, not just an indie publishing company….an Empire.