AAH Cover - website version 1D


Approximately five years have passed since a vicious alien race invaded earth, turning all major cities into post-apocalyptic wastelands.  Alejandra, a new breed of soldier is forced to survive without help in a world overrun by violent aliens and other abominations which lurk in the shadows. With no one alive to give new mission objectives she continues with her last order; Search for human survivors, slay as many invaders as she can and stay alive.

Years spent in silence and solitude, Alejandra forgets what her own voice sounds like, with no apparent trace or evidence of human life anywhere. She holds onto hope and the last message she received before everything went quiet, before everything went dark… A final 22 second voice transmission, it lasted long enough to tell her the rumours were true, survivors were out there!

The millions who vanished over those final months of earths invasion. Hundreds and thousands of men, women and children hidden in shelters and underground bunkers across the globe, citizens from every nation all vanished. They are out there, survivors had been seen! The transmission continued telling her a scout had reported in, his dying breath describing an enormous structure, a concentration camp or testing facility, the coordinates are…. The transmission turned to static, the static eventually turned to silence, the location of the structure died with that transmission, with the last voice Alejandra would hear for the next 5 years.

Even though so much time has passed since that final message and the odds that anyone is still alive improbable, Alejandra can’t help but feel she is getting closer, closer than she has ever been. The attempts on her life from the various races that make up the alien force have been increasing of late, she must be close, not just to locating human survivors but the reason why they came to begin with, the reason why so many had to die…